Prerna Lakshya, Uttar Pradesh

Prerna Lakshya App can be used by teachers, parents and guardians to test a student’s learning levels against competencies of the Prerna Lakshya (Class 1-5). This app is empowered by ODK and Google Bolo

It is a very good app. It enables us to teach the students more effectively I thank the government for launching this app. This app has changed my life forever for good. Thank you

Archana Pandey, Teacher, UP

It is a very useful and interesting App. This app helps me get overall good knowledge about my students.

Savitri Pradeep, Teacher, UP

Launched Feb 2021

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Prerna Lakshya is a configurable open source application wired together using the open source SamagraX Mobile Application Component, Database Management ComponentData Analytics Component & Application Logging Component. Prerna Lakshya App interacts with Google’s Read Along App for conducting oral examinations. The app, developed jointly by SamagraX and Google.

Media Coverage

Prerna app to help assess learning curve of students

Times of India | Fev 24, 2021 | Media

अब आप एक मोबाइल एप से भी जान सकेंगे बच्चे के सीखने-समझने का स्तर, जान‍िए कैसे

Amarujala | Feb 24, 2021 | Media

Prerna Lakshya App: परिषदीय स्कूलों के बच्चों के सीखने-समझने के स्तर को अब मोबाइल एप के जरिये भी जाना जा सकेगा

uptetnews | Feb 25, 2021 | Media

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